Windows 10 Updates Causing Problems

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Are you running Windows 10? The latest weekly updates are causing some users serious problems, including irretrievable data loss in some cases.

If you have the update installed and your computer is awaiting a reboot – don’t reboot it! Instead, uninstall the update(s) before rebooting. The most recent offending update is called KB4532693 which, along with its predecessor KB4524244, has caused problems for users.

Microsoft is looking into the issue and may have a solution on the near horizon. Until that happens, it is highly advisable to uninstall the two offending updates and place future Windows updates on hold until Microsoft has solved the issues these updates introduced.

Pause Updates to Avoid Possible Data Loss

Microsoft has pulled one of the problematic updates and is investigating the other. In the interim, I highly recommend pausing Windows Update until Microsoft has resolved the known issues.

Here’s how to pause Windows updates:

  1. Click the Windows button
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Click Update & Security
  4. Under Windows Update, click Pause updates for 7 days

You can continue clicking Pause updates to pause further updates in seven-day increments for up to 35 days. You can also click Advanced Options and choose how long to pause updates from the drop-down list in the Pause Updates section.

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