8 Bad Password Habits to Break or Avoid

password entry

You probably have a username and password for most of the apps and online services you access with your computer or mobile devices. Examples include your bank, brokerage accounts, internet service provider, public library, credit card, social networking accounts, and streaming services.

Over time, you may have picked up some bad habits when creating new passwords. Having secure passwords is an essential best practice to protect your information and accounts online. Let’s examine some common poor practices you need to stop using or avoid when creating passwords.

Bad Password Habits You Need to Break (or Avoid Entirely)

Some bad password habits you may have picked up over the years might include:

  1. Using simple, non-complex passwords (e.g. password123).
  2. Using the same password for everything.
  3. Having no system for managing passwords.
  4. Writing usernames and passwords on paper and storing next to (or adhered to) your computer.
  5. Storing usernames and passwords in an unencrypted document or spreadsheet on your computer or in the cloud.
  6. Storing passwords using your web browser when prompted.
  7. Sharing passwords over email.
  8. Not updating passwords regularly.

A password is your only protection against unwanted intrusion, fraud, or theft of your information and assets ā€“ digital and monetary. If you’re using strong passwords and have multiple user accounts, then you probably need a password manager.

Numerous password manager apps and services are available ā€“ free and paid. Contact Prime of Life Tech for assistance choosing and setting up a password manager.

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