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IoT Devices in Seniors’ Homes – Part 1

Currently, there are many internet-connected (IoT) devices available for homes and businesses. Seniors and caregivers may find some peace of mind from the safety benefits of these devices. This post is the first in a three-part series discussing IoT devices. I’ll discuss what value IoT devices can provide seniors and their caregivers. Additionally, I’ll discuss possible privacy concerns using IoT devices.

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Protecting Senior Citizens from Online Scams

Seniors are vulnerable targets for scammers, fraudsters, and con artists attempting to acquire their money or personal information for identity theft, or potentially hijack the computers of unsuspecting people to steal personal information such as bank and brokerage account information. The internet can be fertile territory for these types of scams, and protecting seniors and loved ones from online scams has become increasingly necessary. This post discusses strategies for family and friends helping protect their parents or older friends and relatives from online scams.