Senior Tech Coffee

Senior Tech Coffee is a free online and on-site learning series for anyone seeking a greater understanding of computers, tablets, smartphones, smart home technology, telemedicine, AgeTech, and other topics concerning older adults and technology.

Senior Tech Coffee

Bring a cup of coffee, your curiosity, and technology questions to Senior Tech Coffee.

Schedule of Upcoming Events

Join us live on social media and on Zoom for compelling subjects and special guests.

Classes at Malley Recreation Center

Prime of Life Tech offers Senior Tech Coffee talks live and in person at Malley Recreation Center, located at 3380 South Lincoln Street in Englewood, Colorado. Please register at the Malley website using the sign-up buttons for each class. The registration page will open in a new browser tab.

Passwords and Protecting Your Identity – March 24

People use various apps and online services, most of which require a user account to access their features and services. People frequently develop bad habits over time when it comes to their passwords, like reusing passwords or creating simple passwords that are easy to guess. Bad password habits can make you an easy target for identity theft.

Join us to discuss tools and strategies for managing your passwords and ways of protecting your identity.

March 24, 2022
1:30-2:30 MDT

Upcoming Classes – Summer 2022

  • Technology Travel Essentials – June 14
  • Sharing Digital Photos – July 12
  • Fitness Tech – August 9

Host a Live Senior Tech Coffee!

Want to host a Senior Tech Coffee at your older adult community, senior-focused community center, or community organization?

We can customize a tech coffee talk to include any technology subject you wish. Suggested topics include:

  • Simplified Technology Solutions for Seniors – What are my options?
  • Personal Alert Systems – Fall detection and other safety features.
  • Smart Home Technology and Seniors – How can it help me?
  • Staying In Touch – Communication Technology Options for Older Adults

Schedule a free, one-hour Senior Tech Coffee talk for the residents of your community.

Please contact us at (720) 319-7145 to schedule a planning call or schedule online.


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