Technology Moving and Downsizing Support

Whether moving to a new home, an older adult community or moving in with family, Prime of Life Tech can help ease your transition with moving and downsizing support for your technology in the Denver metropolitan area.

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Full-Service Technology Moving Support

At Prime of Life Tech, we understand how overwhelming it can be to downsize and relocate to a new home. To help ease your burden, we offer full-service support for moving your technology.

  • Break Down – we break down your computer and other technology for moving
  • Pack Up – we pack up your technology for moving
  • Archive – we scan and digitize old photos and documents
  • Manage – we move or supervise your technology move to your new location
  • Unpack – we unpack your technology
  • Reassemble – we reassemble your technology
  • Reconnect – we reconnect your devices to wifi and the internet
  • Recycle – we can help you dispose of any unwanted technology you don’t need to move

We take away the complexity of moving your technology so you can focus on the big picture.

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Downsizing Your Technology? No Problem!

Downsizing your home and belongings after decades of acquiring things is a daunting task. If you or a partner have old computers, printers, smartphones, tablets, or other devices, chances are most of those things won’t be moving with you. Let us help.

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Prime of Life Tech can help you downsize your technology and transition to devices that make sense for you. Our Simplified Technology Solutions – like a Chromebook, iPad, or Smart Display – are one example.

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Archive Documents and Photos

Want to conserve copies of documents and photos without hauling a lot of boxes to your next home? Let us scan and archive documents and photos you want to backup and preserve. We can also guide you on making digital copies for family, friends, or professionals like attorneys or financial advisors to share your legacy.

Let us help you archive your old photos!

Electronics Removal and Recycling

Let us help you dispose of or recycle your old electronics. Set aside anything you no longer want or need and let us do the rest. We can help dispose of just about anything that you can plug in. Let us help you:

  • Backup your old devices
  • Factory reset your old devices
  • Remove your software and personal content
  • Recycle your old devices
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What it Costs

  • Moving and downsizing support is $100.00 per hour.
  • Archiving cost depends on quantity. Please use the form below to contact us for a quote and specify the number of documents or photos you want to archive.

Contact Us

Contact Prime of Life Tech online or call (720) 319-7145 to get the technical support you need for your next big move. You can also email us at

Please add any additional details, including the name of the community where you’re moving (if applicable), and we’ll get back to you shortly.