Simplified Technology Solutions for Older Adults

Prime of Life Tech offers simplified technology solutions for older adults who want to utilize technology without the big learning curve. Persons 50 and older frequently want to use computers and mobile devices to access online content, watch their favorite programs, communicate with friends, family, and care providers, and engage with social media.

older adults using computers

However, older adults (and people of any age) can become frustrated with technology that’s difficult to manage or understand. Also, older adults can sometimes be reluctant to embrace and use technology until they see a clear need or purpose for using it.

Yet, in my experience, upon identifying a clear need – genealogical research, a vast catalog of online recipes, access to online libraries and music, social interaction through online groups and social media – older adults will quickly acquire the skills and knowledge they need to use apps and online services.

Prime of Life Tech can help with simplified technology solutions for older adults. We remove barriers to technology by providing devices that make getting online easier and fun!

Here’s how it works:

We help you identify your needs and choose your technology, then customize it to suit your needs. You receive training and follow-up support, so you become proficient in using it. We recommend Chromebook, iPad, Echo Show, or another device based on your needs.

Take away complexity. Add peace of mind.

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